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Carbon Steel Pipe

Carbon Steel Pipe Products List

ASTM A153 Gr B Galvanized Pipe, SCH STD, 6 Inch, BE
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LD 14 CSP 02

China Seamless Galvanized Steel Pipe Manufacturer PipesTec provides 30 Mircon Galvanized Pipes, ASTM A153 Gr B, Schedule STD, 6 Inch, Bevelled End, 6M.

Cold Drawn Boiler Tubes, ASTM A179, 33 Feet, PE
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LD 14 CDB 01

China Cold Drawn Boiler Tube Manufacturer PipesTec provides ASTM A179 Cold Drawn Boiler Tubes, Seamless, 33FT/10.6m, Plain Ends, 2.7mm WT, 2-1/2 Inch.

Galvanized Seamless Pipe, Sch 40, DN250, ASTM A53 GR.B
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LD 14 CSP 01

China Galvanized Seamlessl Pipe manufacturer PipesTec Supplies Galvanized Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe made of ASTM A53 GR.B, Schedule 40, DN250, 6M length.

U-Tube, ASTM A213 TP 321H, 9000 mm, OD 16 mm, WT 1.2 mm
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LD 14 UT 02

China leading U-tube manufacturer PipesTec provides U-tubing made of ASTM A213 TP 321H, featured with 9000 mm Length, 1.2 mm Thickness, 16 mm OD.

LSAW Pipe, API 5L GR.B, A53 GR.B, 36 Inch, Bevelled End
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LD 13 LSAW 02

Carbon Steel Pipe manufacturer PipesTec supplies LSAW Pipe, API 5L GR.B, ASTM A53 Gr.B, BE end, 36 inch, 12M length, WT 0.562 inch, anti-rust black paint.

Aluminium Finned Tube, OD 25-88 mm, WT 0.25-0.45 mm
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LD 13 AFT 01

Aluminum Finned Tube manufacturer PipesTec supplies aluminium finned tube applying to air cooling unit, chemicals, petrochemicals, oil, heat exchangers, etc.

ASTM A192 Boiler Tubes, Cold Drawn Carbon Steel Pipe
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LD 13 CDBT 02

Carbon steel pipe manufacturer PipesTec supplies ASTM A192 cold drawn boiler tubes, with 19 - 76.2 mm outer diameter, 1.65 - 10 mm wall thickness.

ASTM A179 Cold Drawn Boiler Tubes, OD 19 - 76.2 mm
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LD 13 CDBT 01

Cold drawn tube manufacturer PipesTec supplies ASTM A179 cold drawn boiler tubes, OD 25.4mm x WT 2.77mm x 6m size, range: OD 19 - 76.2 mm, WT 1.65 - 10 mm.

Threaded Galvanized Pipes
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LD 001-PP04

Threaded Galvanized Pipe manufacturer PipesTec supplies Threaded End Galvanized Pipes, Outside diameter: 21.3 to 219mm, Zinc coating: 90 to 120 g/m2.