• Control Valve, Three Way or Two Way, Fig 680, Fig680FV
Control Valve, Three Way or Two Way, Fig 680, Fig680FV

Short Description

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Control valve maunfacturer PipesTec supplies Three or Two way Control Valve, DN 15 - 500 mm, PN 16-420, quick open, linear, model Fig 680, Fig680FV.
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Key Specifications / Features

Type: Three way and two way Control Valve (Model FIG 680/FIG680FV).
Main technical parameters. 
Bore: DN 15 - 500mm.
Connection: flange, SW.
Bonnet type: Normal type, High temperature type, Bellows type, Low temperature type.
Stuffing: PTFE, Flexible graphite.
Seat: PTFE.
Body material: WCB, WC6, WC9, CF8, CF8M, CF3M etc.
Actuator: Single spring diaphragm cylinder, multi-spring diaphragm cylinder, piston type/Double-acting cylinder, electric, hydraulic.
Nominal pressure: PN16 - 420, 5-63 K,150- 2500 LB
Applicable temperature: -196℃ - 650℃
Applicable medium: gas, water, oil, steam etc.
Flow characteristic: quick-open, equal percentage, linear.
Fig680 / Fig680FV instrument automation control system of execution unit, with AC 220V, 12V / 24V power voltage as the power, to accept or adjust the instrument from DCS, PLC systems, such as operator input (4-10 ma, 20 ma, 0 or 1-5 VDC), current signal and voltage signal to control the operation. All electronic electric actuators, adopting the structure, mechanical and electrical integration has machine servo operation and opening position feedback signal, position indicator, the function such as manual operation, powerful function, reliable performance, simple connection, high controlling accuracy, with straight travel and output thrust change valve opening displacement, fluid parameters accurately adjust to control. Designed for frequent switch, control requirement of working conditions and design, has a beautiful appearance, seal tightly don't leak, long service life, etc. In power plants, steel mills, chemical industry, pharmacy, beer, beverage, paper.

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