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Gaskets Products List

PTFE Gaskets
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PTFE Gasket Manufacturer PipesTec Supplies PTFE Gaskets with Glass Fiber filled, Suitable as Sealing Material for industrial applications.

Metal Jacketed Gaskets
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Metal Jacketed Gasket manufacturer PipesTec Supplies graphite, ceramic and non-asbestos Metal Jacketed Gaskets, with stainless steel, carbon steel and copper Metal jacket.

Spiral Wound Gaskets
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Spiral Wound Gasket Manufacturer PipesTec Supplies Spiral Wound Gaskets With/without inner, outer ring, upon customer's sizes, colors and shapes request.

Metal Octagonal Gaskets
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Metal Octagonal Gasket Manufacturer PipesTec Supplies Metal Octagonal Gaskets in R, BX, RX, IX Types, made from carbon steel, soft iron, 316, 304 materials.

Seal Gaskets
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Seal Gasket Manufacturer PipesTec Supplies Seal Gaskets, acceptable in customer's designs, available in different sharps, in various sizes and colors.