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ASTM A105 Thredolet, 3000LB, MSS SP-97, FNPT Ends
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LD 16 TO 01

China ASTM A105 Thredolet Manufacturer PipesTec offers ASTM A105 Thredolet, 3000LB, Standard MSS SP-97, Size 1-1/2" Run Pipe 36" To 26", FNPT Ends.

ASTM A105 Weldolet, BW Ends, 24 X 3 Inch, SCH XS
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LD 14 BWO 01

China Pipe Weldolet Manufacturer PipesTec Offers ASTM A105 Weldolets, Butt Welding Ends, Run Size 24 Inch for 3 Inch Pipe, Schedule XS, MSS-SP-97.

ASTM A105 Carbon Steel Nipolet, SCH 160, NPT Ends
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LD 16 NPO 02

China Pipe Nipolet Manufacturer PipesTec Offers Carbon Steel Nipolet, ASTM A105 Nipolet, 1 × 5-1/2 Inch, SCH160, MSS-SP-97 Standard, NPT Ends.