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Pipe Joints

Pipe Joints

J55 Casing Pup Joint, API 5CT, 5-1/2 Inch
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LD 16 OCTG 04

China Casing Pup Joint Manufacturer PipesTec Provides J55 Pup Joint, Casing Pup Joint, Standard API 5CT, 5-1/2"LC J55 17PPF PIN x PIN.

SS316 Flanged Flexible Hose, 4 Inch, 150 LB, 1.5M
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LD 14 FFH 01

China Stainless Steel Flexible Hose Manufacturer PipesTec Provides Stainless Steel SS316 Flexible Hose, Size 4 Inch, Class 150, 1500mm, Flanged End.

Ductile Iron Dismantling Joint, Epoxy, PN16, DN200
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LD 14 DIJ 01

China Dismantling Joint Manufacturer PipesTec Offers Epoxy Coated Ductile Iron Dismantling Joint, PN16, DN200, Carbon Steel Flange, SS304 Bolts & Nuts.

Wing Ground Joint, FIG602LP, Hammer Union, ACME
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LD 13 WGJ2

Wing ground joint manufacturer PipesTec supplies ASTM A105 hammer union, wing ground joint, FIG602LP, ACME Thread, 6000LBS class rating, model size 2 inch.

Hammer Union, ACME, Wing Ground Joint FIG400LP
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LD 13 WGJ1

China wing ground joint manufacturer PipesTec supplies ASTM A105 hammer union, ACME thread, wing ground joints FIG400LP, 3000LBS, model size 2 inches.

Flanged Socket Adaptor, Ductile Iron, 450mm
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LD 14 FSA 01

China Flanged Socket Adaptor Manufacturer PipesTec Provides Ductile Iron Flanged Socket Adaptors, DI Flanged Socket Adaptors, Size 450mm.

Ductile Iron Dismantling Joints
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Dismantling Joint Manufacturer PipesTec Supplies Ductile Iron Dismantling Joints, Cast Steel Dismantling Joints, available DN50 - DN2000, PN 10 / 16 / 25.

Dismantling Joints Pipe Fittings
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Dismantling Joints Pipe Fitting Manufacturer PipesTec Supplies Valve Dismantling Joints Pipe Fittings, Ductile Iron Dismantling Joints for valve Pipe Systems.

Flange Adaptors
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LD 13 FL ADP T01

China Pipe flange adaptor manufacturer PipesTec supplies Ductile Iron Flange Adaptors, PN16, DN700, with Epoxy Coating, available custom special dimensions.